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Craig hamilton

2010 6.7 cummins

We all knew Hamilton was an animal. We just didn't know how far he would go.

Our first encounter began with an S&B Cold Air Intake, turbo back MBRP exhaust, and Mini Max programmer. Craig was so impressed with the fuel gain and performance he asked "whats next?" Next came an AirDog 165 with BDP fuel sump, Industrial Injection 85% over CP3 bag of parts, Flux3 tips , ARP studs and custom tunes. To help put the power to the ground we trust in RevMax Performance 550Signature series transmission.

As most of us know, more is never enough... Craig upgraded the single VTG turbo to Stainless Diesel's compound kit. This kit is complete with polished options on the cold pipe, turbine housing and exhaust manifold. Craig even took it as far as nickel plating the exhaust housing on his S364 top charger, and upgrading both turbos with 360thrust bearings.

The factory heater grid has been deleted with Glacier Diesel's intake plate, matched with their big boss air intake horn and throttle body valve delete. 
The cylinder head has been cut and fire ringed. Push rods and valve springs upgraded with Haisley Machine products. 

With this set up Craig set the bar with a fuel economy average of 25mpg.

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Walter barker


Walter Barker's 6.0L "Loco-Moation" is a beast not to be trifled with. This truck appears to be just another old man's rig; styling a fiber glass cap, cowel induction hood and K7 train horns. You'd think he couldn't find the floor boards.

Well kids... Guess again... Walter's 6.0L is complete with F1C procharger and PT7175 "GT42 STYLE" Turbocharger. To put the power to the ground we rely on the BTS 5R110 Transmission. A regulated fuel return and 190CC injectors help to supply the fuel required to feed this setup. Custom tunes by BTS and NO LIMIT TUNING & DESIGN wakes the monster at bay.

Walter's previous compound set up made approx 667.9HP on a Dyno Dynamics Dyno in 2011. We're estimating this setup to land around  +/- 700HP.

fred johnson


There's no school like the old school. Ol'Betsy is a 97 F250 run by Fred Johnson. This old dinosaur has been around and seen numerous set ups. To date, Betsy now runs 300/200 P.I.S. injectors, BDP regulated fuel return, custom turbo, SRP billet pump, and BTS E4OD. A freak on the streets, Betsy was retired in 2012 from daily driving and is a dedicated drag race truck.  His best run with the most current set up was @ Rudy's Diesel Day 2013, with 8.01s in the 1/8th mile at Piedmont Drag Way.

Daniel Harbert


Miss Belle the Brute! Dan Harbert is a nuclear mechanic for the United States Navy. It's not hard to figure out why Danger Dan loves his 6 liter.

Belle is daily driven, sled pulled and raced at every opportunity that arises. She began life as your typical six leaker until she and Dan met. From that moment it was love at first sight.  Like a high class woman, Belle gets the best treatment. Recently fitted with new OEM head gaskets, ARP head studs and a BTS converter it wasn't enough ... He wanted more. Driven Diesel regulated fuel return and Full Force 190cc injectors compliment the turbo from MAD TURBO WERKS.  Custom tunes from NO LIMIT TUNING & DESIGN bring this set up together like Beethoven's 9th symphony.